Narita Airport <--> Kuki-Shobu,Konosu Sta, Kumagaya Sta. Bus Timetables

As of Apr 6,2019
Fare:\3900(for kumagaya),\3400(for Konosu) Duration:155-180min(subject to traffic condition)
Schedules for the routes below apply on week days,weekends and public holidays.
[From Narita Airport(INT'L)] Reservation is not required,Bus ticket is available at Ke'sei Bus counter.
(Departures from Terminal 2,Bus stop No.11)
+Departures from Terminal 1(Bus stop No.7) will be 5 minutes later.
+Departures from Terminal 3(Bus stop No.7) will be 5 minutes before.
[From Kumagaya] Reservation is required,+81-48-521-3591
(Departures from Kumagaya Sta. South Exit)
(Departures from Konosu Sta. East Exit)
(Departures from Kukishi-Shobu bus-terminal)

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