Saiko Info (Saitama Public transpotation Information)
-Timetables(schedule) and Routemap of Railway and Bus are Available!-
Please visit and enjoy Saitama(Japan)!

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If you would like to know about Saitama Pref,Please see Saitama Pref. Official Page
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Brief Introduction of Saitama's Transportation Sorry, under construction...
Airport Access Bus Timetables to Saitama
(From Narita-Airport(Tokyo INT'L) and Haneda-Airport)
May 15,2018 updated
Expressway Bus Timetables to Saitama
(From Kyoto,Osaka,Nagoya,Kanazawa, etc.)
Jun 2,2018 updated
Saitama Major Bus Route Timetable
(Intercity buses,buses in sightseeing-area etc.)
Mar 4,2018 updated
View Saitama Transportation Map
(Express train and Expressway buses are included)

(GIF format)
Jun 15,1999 opened
View Saitama Railway & Bus Route Map
(All railways and main bus routes are included)
Nov 26,2013 updated
Saitama Major Sightseeing Area Railway and Bus Route Map
(Kawagoe City Central Area etc.)
Feb 17,2016 updated

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