Saitama Public Transpotation Information
-Rail & Bus Timetable and Routemap are Available!-
Visit and enjoy Saitama, Japan!

日本語版はこちらです(Japanese ver.)

Topics Update
Airport Access Bus Timetables to Saitama
(From Narita-Airport and Haneda-Airport)
Jun 21,2019
Expressway Bus Timetables to Saitama
(From Kyoto,Osaka,Nagoya,Kanazawa, etc.)
Jun 21,2019
Saitama Major Bus Route Timetable
(Intercity buses,buses in sightseeing-area etc.)
Jun 2,2019
Express train and Expressway Bus Map
(Expressway bus timetable available)
Jul 16,2018
View Saitama Rail & Bus Routemap
(All railways and main bus routes are included)
Jul 15,2018
Saitama Major Sightseeing Area Rail & Bus Routemap
(Kawagoe City Area etc.)
Feb 17,2016

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