Saitama Public Transpotation Information

Some of Express bus routes have suspended due to COVID-19 response.

日本語版はこちらです(Japanese ver.)

Major Bus Timetable
(Intercity,tourist area bus...)

... Jul 8,2024 up

Airport Bus Timetable
(From Haneda,Narita airport)

... Jan 6,2024 up

Expressway Bus Timetable
(From Kyoto,Osaka,Nagoya...)

... Aug 22,2021 up

How to ride Saitama Bus?

... Nov 9,2020 up

Exp.Train + Exp.Bus Map
(Exp.Bus timetable available)

... Apr 13,2020 up

Saitama Rail + Bus Map

... Feb 19,2022 up

Sightseeing Area Map
(Kawagoe City Area etc.)

... Apr 20,2020 up

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