Saitama Airport Bus Timetable

[From Haneda Airport] -Offical website-

*Note: Airport Bus routes marked [S] are suspended due to COVID-19 (as of July 23,2021)

  1. For Omiya Sta. and Saitama-Shintoshin Apr.1 2021 revised
  2. [S] For Urawa Sta. and Musashi-Urawa Sta. Mar.29 2020 revised
  3. [S] For Kawaguchi Sta. Mar.29 2020 revised
  4. For Tokorozawa Sta. Aug.14 2021 revised
  5. For Yashio,Soka,Shin-Koshigaya Sta. Jul.16 2020 revised
  6. [S]For Shinrin-Koen,Kumagaya,Sakado Sta. Mar.29 2020 revised
  7. [S] For Kawagoe Sta. Mar.29 2020 revised
  8. For Shiki and Asaka-dai Sta. Mar.29 2020 revised
  9. For Ageo,Okegawa Sta. Jul.16 2020 revised

[From Narita Airport] -Official website-

*Note: All Airport Bus routes from/to Narita are suspended due to COVID-19 (as of July 23,2021)

  1. For Saitama City Oct.1 2019 revised
    (Omiya Sta.,Saitama-Shintoshin Sta.)
  2. For Tokorozawa Sta. Oct.1 2019 revised
  3. For Soka,Shin-Koshigaya Sta. Oct.1 2019 revised
  4. For Sakado,Kawagoe Sta. Oct.1 2019 revised
  5. For Asakadai,Fujimino Sta. Oct.1 2019 revised
  6. For Shinrin-Koen,Kumagaya Sta. Operation suspended from Apr.1 2020

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