Odate(Akita) -> Saitama City(Omiya Sta.) Bus Timetables

As of May.5,2018
Fare(One way/Round trip):\10290/\18520(from Noshiro)
Reservation is required,+81-3-5917-8510(Kokusai-Kogyo BUS)
Schedules for the routes below apply on week days,weekends and public holidays.
[From Odate,Noshiro]
20:20--Noshiro Bus Terminal
21:30--Itoku Takanosu Shopping Center
22:00--Itoku Odate Shopping Center North
22:45--Kazuno-Hanawa Sta.
6:20--Omiya sta.(JR and Tobu-Noda-Line)
[From Saitama]
22:45--Omiya Sta. East Exit No.9(JR and Tobu-Noda-Line)
6:20--Kazuno-Hanawa Sta.
7:05--Itoku Odate Shopping Center
7:30--Itoku Takanosu Shopping Center
8:35--Noshiro Bus Terminal

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