Osaka,Kyoto <--> Saitama Shintoshin Bus Timetables

As of Apr 1,2014
Fare(One way/Round trip):
\8700/\15660(from Osaka),\8200/\14760(from Kyoto)
Reservation is required,+81-27-287-4000(Nihon-chuo BUS)
Schedules for the routes below apply on week days,weekends and public holidays.
[From Osaka,Kyoto]
20:00--Osaka OCAT
21:10--Kyoto Sta.(Hachijo-Exit.Shin-Miyako Hotel) --->
4:23--Saitama Shintosin Sta.(JR Takasaki,Tohoku,Keihin-tohoku Line)
[From Saitama Shintoshin]
23:57--Saitama Shintosin Sta. East Exit(JR Takasaki,Tohoku,Keihin-tohoku Line)
7:10--Kyoto Sta.
8:20--Osaka OCAT

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